Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena


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Platinum Trophy Service
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Product Description

This is a PlayStation 3 Trophy Service.

  • This means, we will play the game for you, and unlock all of the trophies.
  • Once all the trophies have been earned, we will transfer them to your PSN account.
  • You do not need a copy of the game.
  • Save time. Let our professionals earn difficult or time consuming trophies for you. Boost your trophy score quickly and easily!

Important Note:  You are buying the trophies for this game only.
I am not shipping a disc to you, and you don’t need to send your games to me.

  • Please provide your PSN email address and password during Checkout.
  • This is required. To transfer trophies, we need to login to your PSN account one time.
  • Once the trophies are synced, we will remove your account information from our PS3.

The Promise

I am a professional at transferring PS3 trophies, and I behave professionally.
Once I have your PSN login information, I will sync the trophies quickly.
These trophies are earned using my PS3 using custom firmware.
Check my 100% eBay feedback. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
I promise that I:

  • will NOT mess around with your account or read your messages,
  • will NOT go into your PSN store and download stuff,
  • will NOT add any 0% entries on your trophy card,
  • will remove your account information from my PS3 as soon as the trophies are synced.

All purchases are handled by PayPal, guaranteeing the security of your transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are PS3 Trophies?

“Trophies” are an accomplishment tracking system, introduced to the PlayStation 3 in system software update 2.40 in July 2008.  The portable console PlayStation Vita will be the second console to feature Trophy support for games.
The four different types of trophies, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum are awarded to players for making specific accomplishments (e.g. completing a level or defeating a certain number of enemies) or reaching certain milestones in games (e.g. reaching a “pro” rank online). Developers can also choose to make certain trophies hidden so that the trophy’s value, title and description is not shown until the user has unlocked it. A gold, silver, or bronze trophy is normally awarded based on the difficulty of the accomplishment with each trophy contributing to a ‘level’ system linked to a player’s PlayStation Network profile, with gold trophies contributing more experience level advancement than silver, and silver contributing more experience than bronze. A platinum trophy is automatically awarded to the player once they unlock all other trophies in a game, excluding extra trophies that can only be obtained through downloadable content, and contribute more experience than a gold trophy. However, smaller games such as certain PlayStation Network titles, lack a platinum trophy. Trophies are displayed on a player’s PlayStation Network profile screen, which also shows their trophy level.

What are you selling exactly?

You are buying a PS3 trophy service. This means, I play the games for you and unlock all of the trophies. Then I transfer the trophies to your online PSN account.
You are just buying the trophies.
You will not receive the game itself.
I am NOT shipping a disc to you, and you don’t need to send your games to me.

Will this work in my geographic region?

Yes. Syncing trophies works across all regions. Even though I am based in the USA, I can sync trophies to any PSN account world-wide, and have successfully transferred trophies to JPN, EU, and Asian PS3′s around the world.

Can you finish a game I've already started?

Yes, no problem. Even if you’ve already started on a game and earned some trophies, I can finish it for you and sync the platinum to your account.

Can I use my PS3 while you're working on trophies?

Usually, yes. For most games, I am able to do all of my work offline. After the trophies are done, I will login to your PSN account one time. Once I’m online, syncing to transfer the trophies from my PS3 to your account takes less than two minutes. The majority of the trophy services offered here are offline only, so you can use your PS3 normally online while I’m working on your trophies.
However, there are some games offered which have online trophies. For those, I will need to spend some time on your account to unlock the online trophies. In these cases, please let me know if you have any schedule preferences, and I’ll try to go online with your account only when it is convenient for you.

How long will it take to finish 'X' game?

It depends. Many games can be done within one business day, but others may take a few days or a week to complete. It also depends on how long of a queue I am working on at the time. Orders are prioritized on a first come, first served basis.
Typically, the more expensive a game is, the more time it takes to complete for you.
If you have questions about my schedule, just ask. You can reach me at my Contact page.


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